Committed to plastic flexible packaging and sealing gasket, for the majority of customers to provide quality products and services.


Guangdong Shunde YiLan Packaging Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise specializing in the design and production of high quality and service, modern multi-functional full-motion packaging,and the products are divided into six major processes. The list packaging was created in 2004. The company headquarters and production base are located in the economically developed hinterland of Guangdong Pearl River Delta, Shunde District, Foshan City.


YiLan main products: food composite bags, high temperature cooking bags, vacuum composite bags, tea bags, moon cake inner bags, zipper bags, aluminum foil bags, vacuum nylon bags,aluminum-plated bags, shaped bags, anti-static bags, organ bags, High-temperature cooking bags, medical bags, cosmetic bags, all kinds of automatic packaging film, various aluminum foil sealing gaskets, promotion of brand product advertising (posters). Through the quality inspection department, the eight processes are strictly tested, such as peel strength, tensile density, tear, test sizing amount, detection density, friction coefficient, boiled (100 degrees), cooking (121 degrees), and vacuum test. Meet the national business industry standards, and ultimately take responsibility for the quality of customer products.



High quality products by advanced equipment we have the most advanced printing equipment and technical personnel.Ensure that your product is most accurate,most reliable ,most has the market competitive power

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