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Clever Carton Companies Do So Much More Than Make Boxes

by:YiLan Packaging     2020-04-26
Anything edible is big business these days and many companies have several outlets nationwide. However, to get these goods from one place to another, they usually have to order special cartons to hold the goods and keep then in good condition until they arrive at their destination. Food packaging is vitally important, although most people do not even think about this, and corrugated boxes are used if the load is particularly heavy. The companies which produce these cartons know exactly what is needed for each particular product. Fish and fowl being transported obviously have to have some special wax coatings put on the cartons to stop any drips from escaping. If both fish and chicken are being transported in the same load, they both have to be kept separate too since cross contamination of these goods is not a good thing. Each product is wrapped in plastic before being placed in another plastic bag and then placed in the waxed carton. This provides the waterproof barrier that is necessary to keep everything safe for consumption. The cartons themselves can be made to order by some companies who specialize in this kind of work. Not only will they make the cartons specifically to the size required, they can also print up the boxes to the specifications of the company shipping the goods. This is a great advertising tool since most people will recognize logos and advertising slogans once they have seen an advert in the press or on TV. If the contact details are put on too, this makes it great free publicity with the chance that more orders will come in from it. The carton producing companies are also associated with sister companies which can transport or hold the goods until they are needed. With fresh food products, naturally, the venue has to be chilled and the goods sent out in good time before they perish. Frozen goods can be kept indefinitely, but they will have to have specialized handling too which means that they stay below the temperature at which they are still solid. Once the orders come in, these shipping companies will send the goods across country to other holding places until the loads can be stripped down to smaller consignments which are then sent out to local markets or restaurants etc. It is clear to see then that transporting goods across country is a very involved process. The person producing these goods must be able to find reliable holding warehouses, with all the correct facilities for the type of product, so that they arrive at their destinations in the correct manner. It could be a good idea then to minimize the fuss by using one company, along with the sister companies, to do all the work in one easy and flowing fashion. From carton to dinner plate, these companies have organization down to a fine art and manufacturers everywhere should surely be grateful for this. Considering the cost of the finished product, this must be value for money no matter which way it is looked at.
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