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Creating Unique Favors For Your Wedding

by:YiLan Packaging     2020-04-23
When it comes to planning a wedding, the reception favors are often one of the things put on the back burner. While there are a number of other components that pack a more powerful punch, your favors are what the guests will be taking with them at the end of the event. While they may have fun memories of your stunning dress or delicious food, the favor will be in their hands and serves as a gift from you to them for sharing your big day. This means you should make sure your favors truly express how you feel without breaking your wedding budget. There are a number of unique favor options that provide you with a chance to express your thanks. You can begin with food packaging items that give you a chance to send your guests home with candy or cookies. You can also provide them with delicious slices of wedding cake in corrugated boxes decorated to match your wedding theme. These tasty treats will leave them with a sweet impression of your big day. If you would rather your guests enjoy their wedding cake at the wedding and head home with something useful, consider a gift they will be able to incorporate into their everyday lives. If you supply them with key chains, they will think of your wedding every time they open their doors or start their cars. Those who are having destination weddings that require guests to travel can send them home with luggage tags that ensure they will be able to easily identify their suitcases. These items provide you with a chance to thank your guests over and over, each time they use their favor. Brides who would rather offer their guests luxury items they may not usually purchase for themselves have a lot of options. Wedding favors can include candles, photo frames, or elegant crystal baubles. These items are attractive and will remind your guests of their memories from your big day. Even if they are just items that sit on shelves or rest on desktops, they will provide you with a chance to say thank you in a big way at your wedding. Those who do not want to lock their guests into a specific item for their wedding favors can provide gift cards. This is a great way to allow your favors to be personalized because each guest can choose their own gift. To save on cost, give one certificate per couple in attendance. If you are having a destination wedding, consider a certificate that is good for the location of the wedding. Imagine the joy your guests will feel getting a certificate to an area restaurant to use during their travels or a stack of gaming chips for a casino they can gamble away following your big day. For brides who are charity conscious, you can make a donation in the name of your guests who attend the wedding. Guests will leave the wedding feeling good about having helped those less fortunate, just by attending your reception.
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