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Finding the Right Plastic Packaging for a Deli

by:YiLan Packaging     2020-05-01
Owning a deli or restaurant has many challenges ranging from offering an enticing menu to providing an inviting atmosphere for a meal. The general public is particular on what makes them happy, and food is definitely not an exception. But a hidden difficulty in the food service industry is finding the right plastic packaging for their goods. A carry-out box or a tub for macaroni salad may seem like a simple item to offer customers, but detailed custom packaging is needed to achieve this portrayal. Finding the right packaging company allows the food to stay farm fresh, easily stackable, and simple to open. The first detail to consider is if the packaging company is certified by the SQF (Safe Quality Food) program. The Benefits of Certification As a prominent global food safety and quality certification system, SQF offers independent and unbiased accreditation. Receiving certification from SQF promises the packaging company has processed, prepared, and handled the goods to the highest possible standards. While obtaining certification is important, only the top plastic packaging companies can receive a Level Three ranking, which is the highest. An SQF Level Three ranking promotes a wide range of benefits not limited to cost advantages, quality advantages, and an enhanced marketing image. Customized Packaging Will Make The Difference After the SQF ranking is noted, a restaurant or deli is going to need to address its needs for custom packaging. Although a simple brown or white packaging design may be cost effective, the business will not be promoting their products at all. Custom packaging with the company logo or a familiar slogan will keep the restaurant or deli fresh in their mind and encourage repeat business. A unique packaging design for carry-out items is basically an extension of a company's marketing campaign which the customer takes home with them. But if a company is not interested in this practical form of advertising, they will most likely remain in need of stock plastic packaging for their walk-in coolers. Custom packaging will not be needed in this area of business for the restaurant or deli will want all of the plastic packaging to be uniform. Packaging design for products focus more on clarity, freshness, and sealing and typically come in rectangle and square shapes. Standard sizes include 8 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., and 42 oz. containers with a universal lid allowing all sizes to stack on top of one another.
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