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Food Packaging Using Stand Up Pouches Starts At Breakfast

by:YiLan Packaging     2020-04-26
Food packaging using stand up pouches, also known as stand bags, really does start at breakfast. The store shelves, from the local grocery to the large chains such as Target or Whole Foods, are full of these innovative packaging products with no end in sight. In fact, recent innovations in the industry will enable more and more companies to dip their toes into the stand up bag arena in order to merchandise their products like never before while keeping the contents fresher for longer. Thinking of the breakfast meal of the day, one would only need to look on a few of their pantry shelves to see examples for themselves. Cereal, Granola, and Oatmeal are just a few of the products that come to mind for our house and let's not forget the coffee and tea we wash them all down with either. Let's look further into why these stand bags for breakfast food are so useful. The materials used for stand up pouches create an extremely durable and strong product. Multiple layers of barrier film are laminated together to produce strength so the stand bag can stand effectively on a store shelf while creating barrier protection from moisture, vapor, odor, and even light if necessary. The natural wide face and back provide ample room for an applied label or better yet custom printing. It's often thought that the Bear Naked Granola Company was the first to start packaging their granola using stand up pouches and really turned the breakfast food industry on its ear. They were able to eliminate the use of paper as the outer carton with an additional inner plastic liner like most cereals were packaged at the time which saved them money naturally but also protected their product like never before. Now, oatmeal and many brands of cereal count on stand bags, printed or plain with an applied label, to merchandise and protect their products as well. Further, coffee whether ground or whole bean and more recently tea whether loose leaf or even tea bags depend on stand up pouches too. Recent innovations in the industry now enable companies to purchase either a stock stand bag and apply a label or even custom print their company story and logo onto as few as 5000 pieces, which was unheard of before. This opens the door for the smaller companies to go head-to-head with the big boys in their industry while also allowing the bigger companies to try new flavors or versions without having to run a huge amount of quantity. In closing, stand up pouches continue to effectively package food products. Just as many think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it seems like the packaging industry has embraced this idea as well by providing many reasons for food companies that specialize in the first meal of the day to choose this innovative packaging solution.
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