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Mao Pu buckwheat

Since 2015, we have been honored to cooperate with Mao Pu buckwheat to provide door sickers

Maopu Bitter Wine is a healthy white wine developed by Jinpai Co., Ltd., which is made of high-quality bitter buckwheat. It uses modern Xiaoqu liquor brewing technology to preserve the nutrients in tartary buckwheat through fermentation and aging. The unique brewing technology keeps the tradition. The taste and flavor of white wine also ensure its health connotation

Our salesman was very interested in alcoholic products. When I saw Jinpai withdraw from this healthy wine, I contacted the Art Department to make a sample of the door and sent it to the Jinpai branch. At the beginning, the two parties did not negotiate. Our salesman and the art department constantly revised and contacted, and finally won the trust of Jinpai, agreed to start cooperation with us.

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