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The influence of climate on film, ink, printing

1. Effect of climate on film properties

As the climate changes, so do the properties of plastic films. When the temperature and humidity are too high, the film absorbency is also relatively high, printing ink is not easy to dry, printing on the need to increase drying strength, speed up ink evaporation, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of bad gloss, bad ink. Such as printing nylon film this phenomenon is more prominent. Based on these conditions, in the high-temperature and high-humidity environment, the recently produced film should be used, and more attention should be paid to the packaging of the film to avoid the occurrence of the above phenomenon.

2. Effect of climate on ink performance

Ink drying performance, directly affect the quality of products. The drying of ink, except ink itself drying conditions, the impact of climate is the most important. High humidity and temperature make printing difficult. Summer high temperature season printing on the inner layer drying speed is obviously too fast, otherwise the ink layer drying is obviously slow. Therefore, to ease ink's response to the environmental temperature, humidity, should use when with ink diluent solvent reach national standard of the deployment of fast dry thinners, temperature and humidity control workshop again, printing workshop temperature at 25 ℃ or so commonly, humidity between 65-75.

3. Control the influence of climate on printing materials

When air temperature is too high, humidity is too big, the pigment pink of ink itself is easy to absorb water, water absorption rate is too high, make ink possibly thicken, do not reach printing product requirement, because the color of ink is different, the pigment powder that USES does not ask, water absorption rate also is different. Example: red pigment powder absorbs more water than other pigment powder. Therefore, the climate change, high temperature and humidity should be controlled ink-bowl, using semi-closed ink-stick. If the ink cartridge appears water beads should be timely sponge out, in time to add new ink. Immediately after the shutdown ink cartridge out, sealed.

4. Control of solvent quality: in addition to controlling the impact of climate on printing materials, use solvents that meet national standards. There are many enterprises using table ink instead of composite ink. General table printing ink performance and the performance of the composite ink is different, use of solvents is also different, the solvent can not meet the requirements, contained ingredients, volatile speed is differ, some solvents moisture content is exorbitant, join in ink, use for a period of time, water is absorbed by the pigment powder, is easy to react, causing separation, expansion, also prone to smell, bubble after composite, fastness and so on. When the surface printing, the inner layer is too thick, the thin material can not meet the requirements, but also easy to cause the phenomenon of primary and secondary adhesion. Therefore, the control of solvent quality is an important guarantee of printing quality.

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