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What Is in the Package?

by:YiLan Packaging     2020-05-03
This posting is about packages. Packages are made out of cardboard, plastic, glass, paper, among other items. Packages come in different shapes and sizes. Packages can be made up of different colors, prints, textures, thicknesses, weights and heights. Packages are made to deliver what is in the packages. Packaging makes what is in it safe, more colorful, easier to handle, or more intriguing. Packaging holds excitement or can be downright uneventful. Packaging will often be tied for security, holding the package together, or creating handles to carry. Often the contents of the package are guessed at by attempting to see the shape of the package. Packages are shaken by the person guessing to discern the contents. Yet these are limited methods in figuring out what is in the package. There is another way to begin intuiting the contents. A hint may be in getting to know the mind of the person who put the package together. The reason why even this will not work is because we become very emotional about our guesses. We think about what can be in the package and the guesses cause us to express emotional tension or relief based on what we believe is in the package, We may take the giver of the package for granted based on the size or making of the package. On this basis we really do not want to commit to a thought based on being wrong or seeming ungrateful to the giver. In fact the internal fight is many times with trying to not get hopes up and yet hoping for the best. The best and most accurate way to know the contents is just waiting until the package is opened. Packages do contain items that are normally more valuable than the packaging itself. So before we guess, assume or walk away without knowing it is best to wait. Packages are much like people. People come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and emotional textures. People are even tied up with different things for different purposes like geography, language, and culture. People's mental and emotional buttons are even pushed as a way to find out what is in the package. To shake the person up and see if a particular sound will reveal the contents. I am stating though we see, hear, touch, and see we may not really know the person; so we choose to judge by the package they come in. We attempt to categorize the content by looking at the parents and even searching out God for what is the content. Know that people will sometimes be a package within other packages but if we are patient and unwilling to judge by the package we may learn true value of someone else as they open up. Then we will know what is in the package! How have you helped to open the package, I mean a person to find their value?
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