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What properties should you focus on in the aluminum foil bag for coffee bean packaging?

(1)    the barrier ability of barrier to oxygen in the environment-the coffee bean is oxidized by the higher oxygen permeation, which results in more oxygen exposure to coffee bean. The transmissivity of carbon dioxide inside the package-through the carbon dioxide penetration test, the coffee bean bag should have a higher carbon dioxide permeation rate in order to eliminate the carbon dioxide produced by the coffee bean in time. Prevent from breaking bags due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the package. Kneading resistance-it can be verified by comparing oxygen permeation test before and after kneading or turpentine test after kneading to prevent the packaging from greatly reducing the barrier under the external kneading action   because of its poor kneading resistance. Even leaks occur.

(2)     uniformity of physical and mechanical properties-the uniformity of the thickness of the package is the basis to ensure the stability of the performance of the package. The heat sealing effect is verified by the heat seal strength test to prevent the bad sealing effect of the heat sealing edge from breaking the bag or leaking gas and so on. Anti-puncture performance-proof by anti-puncture test to prevent leakage of liquid and air in the packaging of the finished coffee bean

 (3)     hygienic properties organic solvent residue is verified by solvent residue test, If the solvent residue is excessive, the packaging film has an odour, and the residual solvent is easily migrated to the coffee bean, causing it to have a bad smell, and affecting the consumerundefineds healthy content of non-volatile substances-which is verified by evaporation residue. To prevent a large number of migration in the long contact with coffee beans due to the high content of non-volatile substances in the package, and to pollute the coffee beans.

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